Funny Pumpkin Face Ideas for the Upcoming Halloween

Funny Pumpkin Face Ideas for the Upcoming Halloween

When the fall season is coming, it means the Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to explore your creativity in carving pumpkins. While Halloween is commonly associated with scary and horror themes, it doesn’t have to be always that way. Create a happy and funny jack-o’-lantern to make the little kids who come to your house smile.

Here are some ideas for a funny pumpkin face you can make at home.

  • Happy Jack-o’-Lantern

A happy Jack-o’-Lantern will certainly make everyone smiling. Carve smiling eyes and wide grins on some pumpkins. Next, create cone hats from scrapbooking paper and add some decorative details to the hat. Lastly, stick the hats to the top of the pumpkins with hot glue.

  • Mustache Jack-o’-Lantern

You can make a cute Jack-o’-Lantern by adding a mustache to its face. First, carve out a happy smiling pumpkin face, then cut out a mustache shape from cardboard. Stick black licorices to the cardboard following the mustache shape. Finally, stick the mustache to the pumpkin face with pins.

  • Funny Pumpkin Face

A goofy and funny pumpkin face will make the kids giggle. For this pumpkin face, you don’t have to carve out the pumpkin, so this will be easier to make. Use zany bouncy ball for eyes and paint goofy eyes expression. Then use paints to make the smiles and other details like eyebrow or eyelash.

Those are some funny pumpkin face ideas you can try this upcoming fall. So, instead of a shriek, you will see kids smiling and laughing.

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